Giovanni Luisoni
Stabio (Switzerland), 02.10.1944
Trained as a decorative painter with a passion for photography. In 1972 he became a professional photographer. He has worked with several newspapers and magazines. He works with architects, artists painters and sculptors. For years he has dedicated himself to a personal research on the territory where he lives and from where he has drawn his main source of inspiration. Lives in Morbio Superiore, Switzerland.
Giovanni Luisoni
Vigino, dentro la masseria
Salvioni Edizioni, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2008

pages 76
first edition
dimensions 21.5 × 30 cm, hardcover
language Italian
ISBN 978-88-7967-173-6
Giovanni Luisoni
Lungo il binario Mendrisio-Stabio
Salvioni Edizioni, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2014

pages 120
dimensions 29.5 × 21 cm, hardcover
language Italian
Giovanni Luisoni
Il risveglio del dimenticato Mendrisiotto - Microcosmo in bianco e nero
Salvioni Edizioni, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2019

pages 366
dimensions 28.5 × 24.5 cm, hardcover
language Italian
ISBN 978 88 7967 430 0