Philip Rolla’s entire career is metaphorically represented by the transition from the letterhead with the name Motonautica, the post office box and the stamp of the American Chamber of Commerce in plain view, in 1963, when he had just arrived in Turin, to ROLLA, written in capitals, stenciled, in an unmistakable blue that resembles both water and sky, which is still present today. Rolla SP Propellers is no longer located in the Breggia Valley, but in Novazzano since 2005. Many things have changed, Phil has retired from the current business, but his mind and hands are still in action. In his past are the most imaginative construction sites, his closest collaborators and innovative engineers. In short, there is an awareness of the value of teamwork that complements his staff as they constantly adapt to new means and technologies. These are fundamental experiences that will be indispensable when he later embarks on new projects, such as those in the field of collecting art and photography.