Gabriele Basilico
Gabriele Basilico
Contrasto, Verona, Italy, 2014

pages 120
dimensions 19 × 12.5 cm, softcover
language Italian
ISBN 978-88-6965-514-2
Gabriele Basilico

After graduating in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic (1973), he devoted himself to photography. His first research “Milano. Ritratti di fabbriche” one of the most important, is dated 1978-1980 and was presented at the PAC (Milan Pavilion of Contemporary Art) in 1983. His first international assignment was in 1984, when he was invited to participate, the only Italian, in the Mission Photographique de la DATAR, the important project of documenting the transformations of the contemporary landscape commissioned by the French government. In 1990, he received the "Prix Mois de la Photo" in Paris for the exhibition and book “Porti di Mare”. In 1991 with a major project on the city of Beirut, devastated by a fifteen-year civil war, his notoriety shifts to an even more international level.