Elisabeth Hase
Döhlen, Germany, 16.12.1905 - Frankfurt, Germany, 09.10.1991
She was a professional and documentary photographer. In 1923 she moved to Frankfurt where she studied typography and commercial graphic design at art school and at the Städelschule with the artists Paul Renner and Willi Baumeister. In 1932 she became an independent photographer. Her favorite subjects were still life, portraits and selfportraits. In 1944, despite the bombing of Frankfurt, she managed to rescue her archives, but not her technical equipment. With the help of friends who gave her some equipment, she 44 was able to resume her work and became interested in documenting the old city that had been destroyed and in the rebuilding of St. Paul’s Church.
Elisabeth Hase
Hase Elisabeth
Steidl, Göttingen, Germany, 2003

pages 88
first edition
dimensions 25.5 × 23 cm, hardcover with jacket
language German
ISBN 3-88243-903-3