Walter Zadek
Berlin, Germany, 26.03.1900 - Israel, 20.12.1992
Walter Zadek, an Israeli photographer, was born in Berlin, where he worked as a socialist journalist and edited the "Berliner Tageblatt". In 1933, after the Nazis came to power, he was imprisoned and tortured. After his release, he fled to Tel Aviv and worked as a freelance press photographer (1934-1948), although he never studied photography.
In 1939 he founded the "Palestine Professional Photographers' Association", which was active from 1939-1941 and aimed to promote the professional status of the photographer in Israel and was involved in an attempt to regulate copyright issues.
After the outbreak of World War II there was a decline in demands for photographs from the Land of Israel, and Zadek open an old-books store in the Magen David Square, called "Biblion", where he worked until 1973, focusing mainly on books about the history of Israel and importing foreign books. In 2010, the Israel Museum held an exhibition of historical photographs by him and Beno Rothenberg.