Nobuyoshi Araki
Tokyo, JP, 25.10.1940

He is a Japanese photographer and contemporary artist professionally known by the mononym Arākii. Known primarily for photography that blends eroticism and bondage in a fine art context, he has published over 500 books and is one of the most prolific Japanese artists.


Nobuyoshi Araki
Photo-Planete, Tokyo, JP, 1994

pages 44
first edition
dimensions 28.8 × 22.8 cm, softcover
language English / Japanese
ISBN 4-309-90126-3
Araki Nobuyoshi
Shijyo, Tokyo - Market Der Gfühle
Stemmle, Zürich, Switzerland, 1998

pages 136
first edition
dimensions 32.5 × 22 cm, hardcover with jacket
language German
ISBN 3-908161-20-7