Ezra Stoller
Chicago (Illinois, USA) , 16.05.1915 - Williamstown (Massachusetts, USA), 29.10.2004
Ezra Stoller was born in Chicago in 1915, grew up in New York and studied architecture at NYU. As a student, he began photographing buildings, models and sculpture; in 1938, he graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design. In 1940-1941, Stoller worked with the photographer Paul Strand in the Office of Emergency Management; he was drafted in 1942 and was a photographer at the Army Signal Corps Photo Center. After World War II, Stoller continued his career as an architectural photographer and also focused on industrial and scientific commissions.
Ezra Stoller
Modern Architecture
Abrams, New York, USA, 1999
William S. Saunders Saunders
pages 216
first edition
dimensions 31 × 30.7 cm, hardcover with jacket
language English
ISBN 0-8109-3816-2