Franco Vimercati
Milan (Italy), 16.12.1940 - Milan (Italy), 18.04.2001
After training as a painter at the Brera Academy in Milan, he cautiously approached photography, which he learned about empirically. From his first photographic experiments in 1968, a sequence of images related to the same object, the idea of seriality immediately emerges, which will distinguish his work over time. During his almost forty years of activity, Vimercati chooses to represent a few objects belonging mostly to his daily life, such as an iron, a jar, a glass, a tureen, a bottle... All simple subjects, which are, however, at the origin of a deep reflection on the meaning of vision and perception, and above all on the meaning of the photographic gesture.
Franco Vimercati
John Eskenazi Publications, London, UK, 2012
John Eskenazi, Daniela Ferretti, Martino Vimercati
pages 164
first edition
dimensions 32 × 27.5 cm, hardcover
language English
ISBN 978-0957356207