Charles Harry Jones
Wolverhampton (UK) , 1866 - Lincolnshire (UK) , 15.11.1959
Although his father was a master butcher, Charles Harry Jones became a gardener. He worked on a number of private estates in England from the 1890s. As a photographer, Jones was noted for his documentation of the fruits of his gardening labours. Jones also offered his services as a photographer to other gardeners but his work was largely unknown even to his family, until the photographic prints were discovered by accident in 1981. Sean Sexton found a suitcase containing hundreds of prints of vegetables, fruits and flowers at an antiques market in London.
Charles Jones
Plant Kingdoms, the Phorographs of Charles Jones
Smithmark, New York, 1998
Alice Waters, Robert Flynn Johnson
pages 128
first edition
dimensions 28.7 × 28.7 cm, hardcover with jacket
language English
ISBN 0-7651-0836-4